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Why choose our service rather than do the milk analysis yourself?

Milk bacteriological analyses (Mastitis) Pickup service A free pick-up service at the clinic is available in most regions.

Milk bacteriological analyses (Mastitis)

  1. Pickup service
    A free pick-up service at the clinic is available in most regions. Samples are kept at an optimum temperature until the laboratory.
  2. Quick processing of samples
    The laboratory is operational 7 days a week and from 8:00 a.m. to midnight (3:30 p.m. on weekends). Samples are seeded as soon as they arrive at the laboratory.
  3. Devices checked and calibrated
    All our devices (incubators, Maldi Tof, etc.) are checked and calibrated regularly.
  4. Non-selective culture
    We use a rich, non-selective culture medium that allows the growth of the majority of mammary infection agents (e.g. bacteria except Mycoplasma; yeasts, Prototheca).
  5. Double culture
    For mastitis cases, we culture “fresh” milk as well as milk that has been incubated at 35°C for a few hours. Cultures are systematically read after 1 and 2 days of incubation.
  6. Standardized results
    The results of “fresh” milk cultures (direct seeding) are expressed in “colony-forming units per mL” (cfu/mL). The results for milk previously incubated are indicated by “presence” or “absence”.
  7. Ultra-precision identification
    The microorganisms are identified very precisely using a Brüker Maldi Tof device. Maldi Tof technology identifies germs that were difficult to identify otherwise (Negative coagulase Staphylococci).
  8. Real-time results
    A preliminary report for Staphylococcus and Enterobacteriaceae (E. coli, Klebsiella spp) is sent the day after the samples were received. The final report is sent no more than 3 days later. The results are available in real time via the web (Bionet).
  9. Quality of analysis
    The tests are performed by qualified technicians supervised by a certified microbiologist in accordance with the recommendations of the National Mastitis Council.

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