Biovet is proud to be one of the first laboratories in Quebec to give you access to EquusLINK’s EIA certificates and digital submission system. In this way, equine practitioners can digitally create and submit equine infectious anemia (EIA) tests.

GWith this platform you obtain complete certificates quickly and easily. In addition, owners have online access to final certificates with a secure MyVetLINK account. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Faster, more intuitive user interface with Mobile Capability
  • Real-Time Lab Submission and Results – same-day EIA certificates!
  • Integrated Streamlined Digital Photo Upload – No more need to colour all sides of the animal as on the paper forms!

Accredited practitioners can subscribe to GlobalVetLINK (GVL) for a monthly access fee and a per-certificate user fee. Free access for veterinary assistants and other clinic staff.

To learn more, watch the EquusLINK video.

For further information or to sign up, call at 515-817-5703 or visit