Biovet is pleased to offer its customers special rates when 50 samples or more are submitted for the following analyses: BVD immunotolerant Ag ELISA Bovine Leukosis Ab ELISA Neospora caninum Ab ELISA Salmonella Dublin Ab ELISA  New: you get up to 42% off, when you submit 50 or more samples. SUBMITTING SAMPLES: 1 ml of […]

Neospora caninum (hereinafter Neospora) is a unicellular parasite (protozoan). It is one of the leading agents of infectious abortions in cattle. Neospora has a complex cycle with several species of canids as definitive hosts and a wide variety of species, including cattle, as intermediate hosts. In cattle, Neospora is transmitted mainly transplacentally (vertically) from the […]

As you are certainly aware, Enzootic bovine leukosis (EBL) is the subject of a new prevalence study by Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (PLQ) using serological testing of bulk tank milk. In addition, it is the theme of a new PISAQ campaign orchestrated by the MAPAQ and the AMVPQ and intended to raise producers’ […]

In cattle, especially young ones, infectious bronchopneumonia is a major problem. While herd management and raising conditions are important risk factors, infectious agents ultimately are responsible for these pathologies. Thus, several viruses such as BRSV, BVDV, BoHV1, BCoV, BPIV-3 and IVD, as well as mycoplasmas (especially Mycoplasma bovis), have the ability to damage the respiratory […]

We were recently questioned about the prevalence of agents of intramammary infections in cattle. We made a partial assessment based on the samples examined at Biovet in January 2022 (n = 1,036). Below you will find the distribution of the main agents (Figure 1) and of the different species of Staphylococcus spp (Figure 2). At […]

Salmonella spp infections are a major concern for both herd and public health. In cattle, salmonellosis can be caused by different serotypes such as Typhimurium, Dublin, Newport, Montevideo, Muenster, Cerro, Muenchen, etc. (Gutema et al, 2019, Hong et al, 2016). Typhimurium serotype is most common in many species. Dublin serotype adapts well to cattle in […]

DFor the past several years, Biovet has made ELISA tests available to measure the levels of PAGs in the blood and milk in cattle. . In Quebec, the Conception company’s DG29 and DG milk tests must be mentioned. However, IDEXX’s tests (Alertys Pregnancy Tests) are those that have been the most studied and are the […]

The latest quarterly report from the MAPAQ Cattle Network (1st quarter 2021) reported a case of purulent bronchopneumonia caused by Bibersteinia trehalosi in a dairy cow and several respiratory episodes associated with this bacterium in North America over the past 10 years. Originally identified in 1959 as a particular type of Pasteurella haemolytica, this bacterial […]

RELIABLE – FAST Biovet now offers a New multiplex PCR test for detection of Salmonella spp – Dublin – Typhimurium. Bovine salmonellosis is diagnosed regularly and is a challenge to both bovine and human health. A rapid diagnosis of the condition is an essential prerequisite for the implementation of appropriate measures. At Biovet, we use […]

We invite you to read the document regarding Update on the ELISA Salmonella Dublin test on serum pools. This document will tell you why we have decided to modify the interpretation of the results of the ELISA Salmonella Dublin test on serum pools as follows: PP < 4% : negative 4% < PP < 16% […]