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Reveal 3D – Allergens


It is now possible to analyze your food and ingredients with strips REVEAL 3D*   * Compatible avec • TRD-1170 Peanut • • TRD-1194 Almond • • TRD-1193 Hazelnut •

New division: Research centers

Animal Health

Biovet is proud to announce that it now offers an analytics service for Research centers. This new division responds to specific needs and offers a full range of analyses: Animal

Salmonella Ab ELISA – New in-house test

Livestock Animals

Biovet now offers an ELISA test for the detection of antibodies against Salmonella serogroupes B, C1, and D which include serotypes such as Typhimurium, Derby, Brandenburg, Agona or Choleraesuis. Previously,

Digestive Colibacillosis of the piglet

Livestock Animals

Diseases associated with E. coli In swine, diseases associated with pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. coli) mainly affect piglets in the neonatal and post-weaning periods. In newborn piglets, the E. coli

M. hyopneumoniae: MFIA* or ELISA

Livestock Animals

Dear Customers, We have just been notified by the distributor of the Thermo Scientifickit ™ Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae ELISA Kit (formerly Dako), that it will not be available until December 2020.

Detection of PRRSV by qPCR

Livestock Animals

RT-qPCR PRRSV tests are probably the most widely used PCR tests in swine medicine. However, due to its genetic diversity and constant evolution, the PRRSV poses major challenges in this

Control of infections caused by BVDV

Livestock Animals

The detection and culling of animals “persistently infected” by the Bovine Viral Diarrhoea virus (BVD) (PI for “persistently infected”) constitute one of the cornerstones of the control of infections caused

New PCR Equine Profiles

Companion Animal - Equine

New real-time PCR tests for the detection of major infectious agents of the reproductive, respiratory and digestive systems are now available for horses at Biovet. Digestive profile PCR Lawsonia intracellularis,

Equine Influenza type A qPCR

Companion Animal - Equine

As you may have heard, recent outbreaks of equine influenza have been reported in Quebec and Ontario. The virus strain involved seems particularly contagious. However, not all animals show clinical