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Profil digestif (chien et chat) / Digestive profile (Dog & Cat)

Summary of 2019 digestive profiles for companion animals

Companion Animal - Equine ,

We’ve compiled for you the results of the digestive profiles that we have performed in 2019. For cats, 11 agents: Three viruses: feline panleukopenia virus (FPLV), feline coronavirus (FCoV) and

Chat et chien / Cat and Dog

Dermatophytes : The test switches to quantitative PCR

Companion Animal - Equine

Biovet is proud to announce the improvement of its PCR test for dermatophyte detection. Dermatophytes, also commonly known as ringworm, are common fungal agents involved in skin, hair and claw

New Bovine respiratory multiplex (BRM)

Diagnostic Kits

New Bovine respiratory multiplex (BRM) qPCR kits are now available: MULIPLEX – FAST – EASY – CONVENIENT – RELIABLE Bovichek® BRM- Bacteria qPCR Bovichek® BRM- Virus qPCR MAJOR ADVANTAGES Easy.

Bovine respiratory profiles summary in 2019

Livestock Animals

For your information, we have compiled the results of the bovine respiratory profiles made in 2019. The following 10 agents were searched for simultaneously using real-time PCR tests (quantitative PCRs):

Biovet offers a discount of 50% on parasitology in February

Companion Animal - Equine ,

Biovet is pleased to offer you A DISCOUNT OF MORE THAN 50% on canine and feline parasitology testings performed in its laboratories during the month of February.* Our proven zinc

Antech Diagnostics acquires leading Canadian animal reference laboratory, Biovet

Agri-Foods, Animal Health, Water

Canadian veterinarians gain expanded access to innovative diagnostics and best-in-class laboratory services; Antech deepens innovation pipeline. Fountain Valley, Calif.—October 23, 2019 — Today, Antech Diagnostics, part of Mars Petcare, announced

New qPCR test Salmonella Typhimurium

Companion Animal - Equine, Livestock Animals

Salmonella Typhimurium (STM) is one of the main Salmonella serotypes found in humans, various animal species and animal products. There are several variants of STM: “typical” STMs that have the

BIONET customer portal now even more accessible!

Agri-Foods, Companion Animal - Equine, Livestock Animals, Water

Biovet is proud to offer you access to your results via the Internet, not only for veterinary testing, but now for water and agri-food analyses that are also available. La

New research and development management team at Biovet

Animal Health

Biovet is pleased to announce the appointment of two new directors to its Research & Development (R&D) team. After more than 20 years in this department, Mrs. Isabelle Caya, B.

New Biovet M. hyopneumoniae and PRRSV types 1 and 2 / M. hyopneumoniae Antibody Test Kits

Diagnostic Kits

New Biovet M. hyopneumoniae and PRRSV types 1 and 2 / M. hyopneumoniae Antibody Test Kits are now available. HIGHLY SENSITIVE AND SPECIFIC TESTS Swinecheck MP ® SRRP type 1 (EU) and