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UPGRADED qPCR canine respiratory Profile

Companion Animal - Equine

Detection of 11 pathogens (6 new pathogens) Biovet is proud to announce the upgrade of its qPCR CANINE RESPIRATORY PROFILE, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Our research and development process has

MFIA PRRSV – M. hyopneumoniae test

Livestock Animals

For the next few weeks, due to internal governance issues, when you request the MFIA M. hyopneumoniae test, we will use our MFIA PRRSV-M. hyopneumoniae test. You will be billed

Biovet’s position on SARS-CoV-2 research in dogs and cats

Companion Animal - Equine

In recent weeks, the media have reported the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in very rare cases of dogs (Hong Kong), cats (Belgium, New York), tigers and lion (New York). Only cats,

qPCR diagnosis of diarrhea in finisher pigs

Livestock Animals

Diarrhea in finisher pigs can result from a variety of causes, infectious or not. Among the infectious causes, we must particularly mention: viruses: Rotavirus, TGEV, PEDV, PoDCV bacteria: Salmonella spp,

Bovin laitier / Dairy cattle

Early bovine pregnancy tests

Livestock Animals

We have received several requests for early bovine pregnancy tests of blood or milk. These tests can be performed from 60 days after calving and 28 days after AI. The

New test: Brachyspira hyodysenteriae & “B. hampsonii” qPCR

Livestock Animals

In recent weeks, several cases of swine dysentery associated with B. hyodysenteriae or “B. hampsonii” have been reported in Quebec. Many species of Brachsyspira have been identified in pigs: B.

Alexandra Lambert

Appointment of a new companion animal sales representative at Biovet

Animal Health

Dr. René Lallier, President of Biovet, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexandra Lambert as Sales Representative — Companion Animals and Bovine. Ms. Lambert has worked for ten years

Profil digestif (chien et chat) / Digestive profile (Dog & Cat)

Summary of 2019 digestive profiles for companion animals

Companion Animal - Equine ,

We’ve compiled for you the results of the digestive profiles that we have performed in 2019. For cats, 11 agents: Three viruses: feline panleukopenia virus (FPLV), feline coronavirus (FCoV) and

Chat et chien / Cat and Dog

Dermatophytes : The test switches to quantitative PCR

Companion Animal - Equine

Biovet is proud to announce the improvement of its PCR test for dermatophyte detection. Dermatophytes, also commonly known as ringworm, are common fungal agents involved in skin, hair and claw

New Bovine respiratory multiplex (BRM)

Diagnostic Kits

New Bovine respiratory multiplex (BRM) qPCR kits are now available: MULIPLEX – FAST – EASY – CONVENIENT – RELIABLE Bovichek® BRM- Bacteria qPCR Bovichek® BRM- Virus qPCR MAJOR ADVANTAGES Easy.