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Improvement: our hemotropic mycoplasmas test is upgraded to quantitative PCR

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Biovet is proud to announce the improvement of its PCR test for the detection of hemotropic mycoplasmas. Hemotropic mycoplasmas (formerly hemobartonellosis) are bacteria that can induce anemia in a wide

MFIA PRRSV – M. hyopneumoniae Test: excellent specificity

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As you undoubtedly know, Biovet offers MFIA-based (Multiplexed Fluorescing Immuno Assay) tests allowing detection of the presence of antibodies against PRRSV types 1 and 2 and/or Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in porcine

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About bovine pregnancy tests by dosing PAGs from blood and milk samples

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DFor the past several years, Biovet has made ELISA tests available to measure the levels of PAGs in the blood and milk in cattle. . In Quebec, the Conception company’s

New real-time PCR test to detect Bibersteinia trehalosi

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The latest quarterly report from the MAPAQ Cattle Network (1st quarter 2021) reported a case of purulent bronchopneumonia caused by Bibersteinia trehalosi in a dairy cow and several respiratory episodes

Nouveaux tests PCR de détection des virus influenza types A, B, C et D

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Influenza viruses are divided into four types: A, B, C and D. Influenza A viruses are the most common and can infect humans, swine, cattle, birds and many other animal

Swine influenza type A virus sequencing

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For several years, Biovet has collaborated with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) reference laboratory for influenza A of the National Center for Foreign Animal Diseases (NCFAM) of the

Diagnosis – Companion animals: New in 2020-2021

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OUR LATEST TESTS As an innovative partner of veterinarians, Biovet is constantly implementing new tests, diagnostic tools and useful documents. Here are some of our novelties in recent months: