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Feline infectious anemia profile (PCR)

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RESULTS IN 48 HOURS Biovet is proud to announce that a new infectious feline anemia profile (PCR) is now available. CThis profile includes detection of Anaplasma spp, Bartonella spp, Cytauxzoon

Appointment of a swine/poultry sales representative at Biovet

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Dr. René Lallier, President of Biovet, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Maryse Ménard, B.Sc. as a a swine/poultry sales representative. Mrs. Ménard started at Biovet in 2003

New 2021 Swine / Poultry User’s Guide and Fees

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Biovet is pleased to present the New 2021 Swine / Poultry User’s Guide and Fees. A few new features are added in this new edition: Guide for tubes and other

FIRSTract – Urine Culture

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EFFECTIVE – RESULTS IN 12 to 48 HOURS Biovet is now able to confirm the presence or absence of bacteria in the urine within 12 to 48 hours. FIRSTract™ is

ELISA Salmonella Dublin test on serum pools

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We invite you to read the document regarding Update on the ELISA Salmonella Dublin test on serum pools. This document will tell you why we have decided to modify the

PRRSV Ab test on oral fluids

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We invite you to read the document regarding the use of oral fluids for the detection of antibodies directed against the PRRS virus. This document will explain you the reasons

New approach to the diagnosis of respiratory infections in cattle

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We are in the winter with its respiratory problems. This year, we would like to offer you new diagnostic possibilities. Indeed, it appeared that you are mainly interested in the

Bovin laitier / Dairy cattle

Why choose our service rather than do the milk analysis yourself?

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Milk bacteriological analyses (Mastitis) Pickup service A free pick-up service at the clinic is available in most regions. Samples are kept at an optimum temperature until the laboratory. Quick processing

Statistics of Parasitology and qPCR Profiles

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Statistics of detected parasites Here is the compilation of the results of parasitology profiles and qPCR parasites/digestive profiles produced at Biovet in cats and dogs since 2017. The parasitology analyses

Post-weaning STM and ETEC profile

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DIAGNOSIS: Post-weaning diarrhea Salmonella typhimurium (STM) and enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) are two important agents responsible for diarrhea in weaners. Biovet now provides you with a profile consisting in two