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Influenza Virus Type A multispecies Antibody Test Kit, ELISA

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Biovet is proud to announce that a Influenza Virus Type A multispecies Antibody Test Kit, ELISA is now available! Influenza Virus Type A multispecies Antibody Test Kit can be used in swine

New Biovet quantitative real time PCR kits

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FAST – EASY – CONVENIENT – RELIABLE Swinecheck TGEV-PEDV-PoDCV qPCR Swinecheck PRRSV MLV-ATP-FOS qPCR Swinecheck PRRSV type 1 & 2 qPCR MAJOR ADVANTAGES Fast. Results obtained in less than 90

qPCR PCV2 differential & PCV3

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Biovet now offers a new duplex qPCR assay for the simultaneous detection of porcine Circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and type 3 (PCV3). In 2016, a new Circovirus (PCV3) was identified

PCR Abortion Profile

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Biovet now offers a new quantitative PCR profile for the diagnosis of abortion in cattle. In cattle, abortions normally occur at a relatively low rate of approximately 3% to 5%.

$2.25 million expansion for Biovet facilities

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St-Hyacinthe, April 20, 2018 — Biovet and Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole are proud to announce the implementation of a $2,250,000 investment project that will expand its head office facilities at 4375 Avenue

CFIA-approved EIA or Coggins test certificates

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Biovet is proud to be one of the first laboratories in Quebec to give you access to EquusLINK’s EIA certificates and digital submission system. In this way, equine practitioners can digitally

Results for Biovet Survey about Customer Satisfaction

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Biovet is pleased to have obtained a high rate of participation to the survey made last December, 17.2% respondents. Here are some of the highlights of this survey which revealed

Bacteriological Bedding Analysis

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Recurrent cases of mastitis? What if the cause was in the bedding? Several bacteria present in bedding can cause so-called environmental mastitis. In particular, these are Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae

$100 Gift Card drawing

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Biovet has proceeded to a draw among the respondents to our questionnaire during the Congrès vétérinaire Québécois which took place at Quebec Congress Center, on November 17-18, 2017. Ms. Isabelle Dion

Digestive profiles for the detection of infectious agents

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Biovet is expanding its diagnostic test offer. We are proud to announce that Biovet is now offering new real-time PCR assays for the detection of major infectious agents in the