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Companion Animal - Equine ,

From now on, Biovet offers DGGR-Lipase in its laboratories. This quantitative analysis allows a better pancreatitis diagnosis on dogs and cats. Why? Because it is mor Reliable, more Sensitive, more Specific, Faster,

Swinecheck® PED indirect

improvements of the Swinecheck® PED Indirect

Diagnostic Kits

we have modified the composition of the dilution buffer resulting in a better homogeneity and stability. It is still important to well homogenize it prior to be used (cf insert

Bovin laitier / Dairy cattle

Bovine pregnancy test on milk samples

Livestock Animals

Biovet is pleased to announce that the bovine pregnancy test on milk samples can be made from day 28 after service or insemination and not only at day 35. For further

Diagnosis of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV)

Livestock Animals

Lately, many of you have shown interest for the diagnosis of BVDV. For further information on tools available at Biovet, please contact us.

Porcin - Swine

AFFORDABLE Swine serological profiles!

Livestock Animals

Biovet innovates again with the first commercially available Multiplex (MFIA) swine serological profiles! Read our communication about it

Diagnosis of Salmonella in poultry

Livestock Animals

Many tests are available at Biovet. For further information, contact us.

scil Element DC

Veterinary clinics most reliable in-house laboratory equipment

Animal Health

Biovet provides Quebec veterinary clinics access to the most reliable in-house laboratory equipment. Read all about Biovet’s partnership with Scil animal care company in the Press Release and visit our

Several diagnostic tools for bovine salmonellosis

Livestock Animals

Many tools are available at Biovet. For further information, contact us.

Porcin - Swine

New test: Lawsonia intracellularis ELISA Ab

Livestock Animals

Biovet is proud to provide you with A new serological test for the detection of antibodies against Lawsonia intracellularis (Li) effective from July 6, 2015.

Diagnosis of Salmonella Dublin in cattle

Livestock Animals

Salmonella Dublin is now responsible for considerable losses in veal calves and seems more common than previously thought in dairy herds. Find out about tests available at Biovet.