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Up to 42% off for 50 samples or more on some bovine tests

Livestock Animals

Biovet is pleased to offer its customers special rates when 50 samples or more are submitted for the following analyses: BVD immunotolerant Ag ELISA Bovine Leukosis Ab ELISA Neospora caninum

New Allergen detection: Veratox VIP for Peanuts


A New Veratox VIP Allergen Kit for Peanuts is now available at Biovet Includes a combination of antibodies and an extraction procedure optimized for high specificity to all types of

Request a serological test to detect Brucella ovis at Biovet

Livestock Animals

We recently had the opportunity to discuss with small ruminant veterinarians the needs of the sheep and goat sectors in terms of laboratory testing. They told us that some of

Distribution of porcine Circovirus type 2 genotypes (PCV2)

Livestock Animals

There are currently four recognized species of porcine Circovirus: PCV1, PCV2, PCV3 and more recently PCV4. PCV2 is the species of the greatest clinical importance. PCV2 strains are currently classified

About Serological Screening for Neospora Caninum Infections

Livestock Animals

Neospora caninum (hereinafter Neospora) is a unicellular parasite (protozoan). It is one of the leading agents of infectious abortions in cattle. Neospora has a complex cycle with several species of

New qPCR equine profiles available at Biovet

Companion Animal - Equine

New digestive and respiratory qPCR profiles for horses are now being performed in Biovet’s laboratories in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec Here is the description of these real-time tests for the detection of

Serological screening for Enzootic bovine leukosis (EBL)

Livestock Animals

As you are certainly aware, Enzootic bovine leukosis (EBL) is the subject of a new prevalence study by Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (PLQ) using serological testing of bulk

Etiological diagnosis of bovine bronchopneumonia

Livestock Animals

In cattle, especially young ones, infectious bronchopneumonia is a major problem. While herd management and raising conditions are important risk factors, infectious agents ultimately are responsible for these pathologies. Thus,

Biovet invests in a new laboratory in Quebec City

Agri-Foods, Animal Health

New range of extended services in Quebec City Biovet is pleased to announce a significant investment in a NEW laboratory in Quebec City. On April 1, we are moving our

Promotion: Equine Profile + EIA

Companion Animal - Equine

More than 43% off Biovet is happy to offer you More than 43% off on Equine Complete Profile when paired with an Equine Infectious Anaemia test (EIA)* from April 1st

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