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Biovet, briefly, background, etc.

Biovet, briefly

Biovet is a biotechnology company providing unique expertise in the field of diagnostics for animal health and agro-industry specialists. Biovet operates a USDA and CFIA certified laboratory offering a complete array of innovative diagnostic services for veterinarians.

Additionally, Biovet is the only Canadian company to develop, manufacture and market animal diagnostic kits. The head office is located in Saint-Hyacinthe, within the city of biotechnology, with a branch in Quebec City.

Biovet employs more than 50 people including 15 scientists. The company is active internationally particularly in North America and Europe.


Biovet’s mission, as an innovative partner of veterinarians, is to provide veterinary and agri-food markets worldwide a quick and efficient North American laboratory service as well as high-performance diagnostic kits

Biovet in photos

Biovet Head Office
Award Prix de la Technopole in 2009
Biochemistry-haematology laboratory
Serology laboratory
Molecular biology (PCR) laboratory
Molecular biology (PCR) laboratory
Microbiology, Agri-food and water analysis
Research and Development Department
Development of ELISA kits
Development of diagnostic kits
Luminex platform that allows in a single reaction to simultaneously diagnose up to 500 diseases
Equipment and training
Clinical pathologist
Services techniques

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Technicienne en laboratoire / Laboratory technician

© Photos: Patrick Roger, Photographe

As a leader in diagnostics, Biovet has a whole team of scientists and technicians. To maintain our status as a reference laboratory as well as supporting our constant growth, we are continuously looking for new employees.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits (group insurance, etc.).

Interested in joining our team? Please send your resume to our Human Resources Department.

Company background

From 1991 to 2002
From 2003 to 2005
From 2006 and 2009
From 2010 to 2012
From 2013 to 2015
From 2016 to 2018


Biovet has just acquired an automated bacterial identification device using the MALDI TOF MS technology. This device allows even faster and more accurate diagnosis of bacterial infections.

The agri-food laboratory has obtained new accreditations from the SCC and is expanding its range of services, particularly with the acquisition of the 3M™ Molecular Detection System.

The Research and Development team continues to improve or develop several new PCR, MFIA and ELISA tests and diagnostic kits. It can also count on the next generation with its two new Immunoassay and PCR Directors.

The Sales team is keeping pace, with a new Sales Manager and a new Sales Representative – Companion Animals and Bovine.

In October 2019, Antech Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Mars Petcare, acquired Biovet. Joining with Antech is a natural merger of two like-minded organizations with a shared commitment to delivering innovation and quality services to veterinarians, allowing them to deliver excellent, compassionate care to companion animals.

Biovet's system is now integrated into VetWare management software for veterinary clinics.


As an essential service, Biovet remains open during the pandemic and continues to offer comprehensive laboratory services.

The R&D team is working to develop and improve several PCR diagnostic tests and kits for companion animals, bovine and swine. Our range of services is expanding thanks to innovative diagnostic methods and new collaborators in the Antech family.

During the year, two new Sales Representatives – Companion Animals joined the Biovet team.

MELCC = ministère de l’Environnement et de la lutte contre les changements climatiques du Québec

SCC: Standards Council of Canada