There are currently four recognized species of porcine Circovirus: PCV1, PCV2, PCV3 and more recently PCV4. PCV2 is the species of the greatest clinical importance. PCV2 strains are currently classified into 8 genotypes (from 2a to 2h) based on differences in the capsid gene (ORF-2). For several years, Biovet has been offering identification of genotypes […]

Neospora caninum (hereinafter Neospora) is a unicellular parasite (protozoan). It is one of the leading agents of infectious abortions in cattle. Neospora has a complex cycle with several species of canids as definitive hosts and a wide variety of species, including cattle, as intermediate hosts. In cattle, Neospora is transmitted mainly transplacentally (vertically) from the […]

New digestive and respiratory qPCR profiles for horses are now being performed in Biovet’s laboratories in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec Here is the description of these real-time tests for the detection of the main infectious agents of the digestive and respiratory system: qPCR Digestive profile (diarrhea) (9 pathogens) Clostridium perfringens (toxine A), (toxin A), Clostridium difficile (toxin […]