Biovet is proud to announce that it now offers an analytics service for Research centers. This new division responds to specific needs and offers a full range of analyses: Animal health Analyses in biochemistry, hematology, bacteriology, parasitology, cytology, etc. Food Microbiological and physico-chemical analyzes, research of mycotoxins, pathogens, allergens and GMOs. Environment, litter, air Pathogen […]

Biovet now offers an ELISA test for the detection of antibodies against Salmonella serogroupes B, C1, and D which include serotypes such as Typhimurium, Derby, Brandenburg, Agona or Choleraesuis. Previously, this test was sent to an external laboratory, resulting in a delay in the transmission of the results. Biovet will issue test results within 1 […]

Diseases associated with E. coli In swine, diseases associated with pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. coli) mainly affect piglets in the neonatal and post-weaning periods. In newborn piglets, the E. coli involved are essentially enterotoxin-producing strains (STa, STb, and/or LT) and possessing colonization factors (particularly F4, F5, and/or F6). These E. coli are called enterotoxigenic E. […]