Biovet’s Continuing Education Days for bovine practitioners in Drummondville and Lévis, on March 21 and 23, were a great success. Under the theme “Everything you never dared to ask about the diagnosis of infectious diseases in cattle”, the many participants (nearly 70 in all over two days) greatly appreciated the way different current topics were […]

Biovet wants to promote the diagnosis of respiratory infections in cattle. Based on the feedback from the field, it appears that attempts to diagnose these conditions often produce disappointing results. We believe that this can be due to several factors, including: • Samples taken too late, too few animals examined, samples from anterior rather than […]

Biovet souhaite promouvoir le diagnostic des infections respiratoires chez les bovins. D’après les retours du terrain, il apparaît que les tentatives de diagnostic de ces affections se soldent souvent par des résultats décevants. Nous pensons que cela peut être imputé à plusieurs facteurs, notamment: Échantillons prélevés trop tardivement, sur trop peu d’animaux, échantillons des voies […]